Here’s What Happened: 2017 MLB Trade Deadline

By: Colleen B
Posted: August 2, 2017

The MLB trade deadline picks have been announced, and a lot has gone down- some expected trades, and some surprising swaps. We’ve rounded up the four biggest moves and top trades to watch in the upcoming season.

Sonny Gray leaves the A’s for the Yankees.

Gray gets a major boost this season by saying goodbye to the struggling A’s and hello to the top-notch Yankees. In by far the biggest and most important upgrade of the trade deadline, Gray will stay on with the Yankees for three seasons and join the rotation ranks of Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka, CC Sabathia and Jaime Garcia. Who knows, this lineup could lead to a redeeming World Series qualification for the Yankees.

The Boston Red Sox sidelines new opportunities.

Dave Dombrowski faced slim pickings at the trade deadline, with reliever Addison Reed being the single deal he reached. Was this a missed opportunity for Dombrowski? It’s unclear how the lack of new firepower going into the season will affect the team. With the Yankees gearing up a strong bench, the single deal could put the Boston Red Sox in jeopardy of losing the division.

The Los Angeles Dodgers bring on Yu Darvish, Tony Watson and Tony Cingrani.

In order for the Dodgers to hold their best-team-in-baseball throne down, Andrew Friedman knew what had to be done. By bringing on Darvish, Watson, and Cingrani, he’s covering the team and providing much needed backup for the injury-prone frontrunners. When one man goes down, Friedman will be ready to put another star player in the game.

The early trade gets the worm: The Cubs get Jose Quintana, the Diamondbacks get J.D. Martinez.

This deadline, the early trades seriously paid off. The Chicago Cubs swapped Quintana from the Chicago White Sox and gained three years with the high-impact player. The Arizona Diamondbacks also lucked out landing outfielder Martinez from the Detroit Tigers without losing any major prospects. With five homeruns already under his belt with the Diamondbacks, it’s clear that Martinez’s bat power will make the team formidable this season.

These top trades change the course of the season and could undoubtedly lead to major successes for teams like the Diamondbacks and Yankees, or backburner teams fighting to get ahead like the Boston Red Sox. We could certainly see more trades in August, too, but with teams like the Dodgers holding onto their top-50 overall prospects, it’ll be an interesting wrap-up.

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