Week In Review: NFL, MLB, and NHL

By: Colleen B
Posted: August 6, 2017

I know, the title of this post…so cheesy. So cliche. But…let’s talk about some of the highlights from this week, shall we?


Martellus Bennett – a player with perspective.

Tom Brady turned 40. Five goats were brought in for the celebration…

Hmm, open discussions coming regarding pot?

Oh man. This is really going to make it hard for me to root against the Jets. Devon Still is one of my heroes.



Trades are still possible, even after the trade deadline.

Bartolo Colon, “the oldest right-handed starter with a complete game since 1994”

A Cubs/Diamondbacks dance off? A must see!


There is at least one player upset about the decision to not interrupt the season for the upcoming Olympics. Ok, there is more than one player, but Connor McDavid recently spoke about it, so…

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