Five Reasons Why New England’s Defense…Well, Stink

By: Colleen B
Posted: October 18, 2017

  1. Missing: Pass Rush. Reward if found
  2. First is the worst….the secondary is far from the best. Seriously, they’re horrible. Opposing QBs are easily finding their receivers wide-open while the secondary is busy arguing with each other…”was I supposed to follow that guy or….that guy?”
  3. Matt Patricia still believes in that Goodell is a clown shirt. Jokes on you, buddy!
  4. They. Keep. Roughing. The. Passer. Oh! and the illegal hands to the face calls! Ugh!
  5. Leadership. Bueller? Bueller? They need a Mayo and a Wilfork, someone to bring them together. Fast. Maybe over a bowl of avocado ice cream?

Colleen B


A born and raised Boston sports fan (please don’t hate), Colleen lives in Boston proper with her husband of 12-years. A usability expert by day and freelance writer by night, she loathes cleaning the house and burns water.

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