We Need More Hockey Here, Yes?

By: Colleen B
Posted: November 11, 2017

Now that I have admitted to my crush on the Golden Knights, it’s time to talk a little about other league happenings. Don’t you agree?

A Three Way Trade

Did you catch the three way trade between Colorado, Ottawa, and Nashville last Sunday? If you didn’t; center Matt Duchene was traded by Colorado to Ottawa who then traded center Kyle Turris to Nashville. Turris, whose contract was set to expire at the end of this season has since signed a six-year extension with Nashville while Duchene is still under contract until the end of the 18-19 season.

This “block buster” trade will be remembered as the trade in which Duchene was pulled off of the ice at the end of the first period of Sunday night’s game at in New York and ready to board a plane to Ottawa by the end of the second.


Everyone seems to agree that Ottawa got a fantastic center in the deal while Colorado got a few different players who will do well for them…plus, they got rid of a player (Duchene) who was noted as not really wanting to be in Colorado.

So, in other words, can we assume this was the good bye card Colorado got Duchene?

It’s never to late for a Bye Felicia

Brock Boeser and his first career hat trick!


Another (Gruesome) Injury

Looks like Anaheim has lost Ryan Getzlaf for, well, no one is really sure yet. Getzlaf was hit in the face by a puck at the end of October and may need surgery. Ugh.


Those Bs, though.

Despite my husband insisting I take back what I wrote the other day about the Bruins, I still stand behind my comments. The Bs are boring. And. Frustrating. They’re boring because, as I stated last time, they’re inexperienced. They’re frustrating because of…Rask. Okay, Rask and the rest of their defense, but mostly Rask who seems to be asleep at the wheel, as they say. Take Wedensday night’s game, for example. The Rangers’ Jimmy Vesey scored two goals against Boston. Both of those goals were rebounds. Rebounds. I mean, was Rask even looking for the puck?

This, unfortunately, is just one example of the woes Tuuka has experienced this season. I’m sorry, Boston readers. It looks as if Tuuka is an…average NHL goalie.


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