4th Edition: On the Court, Off the Court, The Court Itself

By: Colleen B
Posted: November 20, 2017

On the Court

The Significance of the Block

I find myself as the 5th man among many pickup games in my driveway or at my local YMCA, but I am really bad. Like, really bad, even though I do try. I used to actually try to dribble and maybe even try to drive to the hoop, but ten out of ten times someone would block me. I stand decently tall at 5 foot 6 inches, but both of my brothers are over 6 feet, and my boyfriend is 6’4, and all of their friends are tall guys. I have fond memories of my younger brother literally screaming “IBAKAAAAA” at me after deflecting the ball to the ground. 

Last year, in the 2016-2017 season, Rudy Gobert led the block stats with 214 total. Myles Turner, Anthony Davis, Hassan Whiteside, and Giannis Antetokounmpo all had numbers in the mid 150’s-170’s by the end of the season. Right now, the numbers aren’t as widely differentiated, so blocks are pretty popular and on the rise. Kevin Durant has the most number of blocks with 33, close behind is Kristaps Porzingis with 32, followed by Clint Capela with 31. I hope to continue to see these spine-chilling “YESSS!” moments in high-action plays.

Kevin Durant is 6’9, Kristaps Porzingis is 7’3”, and Clint Capela is 6’10”. Safe to say, they’d be blocking 100% of the shots I didn’t even take yet.

Off the Court

Lonzo Ball & Family

Lonzo Ball was effected emotionally (but not really statistically- he still isn’t too great) by his brother’s detainment in China. LiAngelo Ball, UCLA freshmen and 1 of the 3 Ball brothers,was indefinitely suspended from the UCLA basketball team with two other teammates. This was the result of the group of young men being suspected of shoplifting in while in China. They returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday, and Donald Trump seems to think that he is the reason why the boys are freed from the Chinese authorities. LaVar Ball, Lonzo and LiAngelo’s father, made this feelings known to ESPN’s Arash Markazi on Friday when he was asked about Trump’s involvement in the matter, saying, “What was he over there for? … Everyone wants to make it seem like he helped me out.” Clearly the Ball family needs to get their act together. 

Lonzo, a rookie who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, did not seem like the typical happy, joyful player according to coach Luke Walton. To be honest, Lonzo isn’t doing so great as their starting PG anyway. His 30.3% shooting is the worst in the NBA for a player with over 135 field goal attempts.

The Court Itself

Sneaker Game

The number one reason why I am always killing the sneaker game is that I still fit into kids shoes, so instead of picking one pair of women’s shoes, I can pick two pairs of kid’s shoes for the same price.

I don’t think that any of the NBA players fit into kids shoes, but even if they could, they probably wouldn’t be too focused on the price anyway. And they still have more pairs of shoes than I have ever seen with my own eyes. Here are my top 3 picks this week:

Three: Lebron James’ “Veteran’s Day” camo-themed Nike Solider 11’s.

Two: Tim Hardaway Jr.’s all-white with hints of baby blue Air Jordan Retro 11’s.

One: Kyrie Irving’s “Mom” shoes made to honor his late mother Elizabeth. They feature a large gold rose.

Image source: https://mobile.twitter.com/Lakers


Nina Lee


Nina is a 20 year old college student from Massachusetts. She loved playing and analyzing sports her whole life and is an avid fantasy football and basketball player. Nina is also the captain of the Lesley University Lynx Cheer team. Her favorite teams are the Patriots and Celtics and wherever Aaron Rodgers and Kelly Olynk are playing!




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