Congrats, Brad Stevens

By: Colleen B
Posted: December 10, 2017

Last week, Celtics coach Brad Stevens was named the NBA’s Eastern Conference coach for October/November by the NBA. I wish there was more to write about this topic, I really do, but after days of trying to research exactly what this award even means, I’m concluding that it’s just a really cool honorable award of recognition.

What kind of recognition is there though? I’m sure that the locker room was super fun and I’m sure the team and the players gave him a lot of personal “thank-you’s” and “congrats!”. However, public recognition is a whole different story. Twitter definitely blew up with Boston sports page accounts tweeting the news and getting fans rowdy, but this is about all that can be found: fans getting even more excited.

The @Celtics page did tweet about it, saying “Congratulations Coach”, which received 22k likes and about 5k retweets, including a RT from Danny Ainge. However, other important Celtics figures who frequent announcements on Twitter, like Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Jayson Tatum, didn’t acknowledge the coach’s new title.  Less active users, like Brad Stevens himself and star player Kyrie Irving didn’t acknowledge the recognition on Twitter either. My favorite Celtics sweetheart, Gordon Hayward, publicly thanked Stevens tweeting “Congrats Coach Stevens! Well deserved!”, making this the only public recognition I could find on Twitter from a player.

So, now what? I think Brad (after all that I have read about him, I am switching to a first name basis) will just take the recognition and switch back into game mode. The 41 year old coach is well known for his ability to put guys in strong areas where he knows they will succeed. Power forward/small forward Marcus Morris has commented on Steven’s coaching ability, saying that he knows the guys well and knows match-ups well, which allows for smooth offensive and defensive decisions. Stevens led the Celtics on a 16-game win streak after they started the season with back-to-back losses.

Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni won the award for the Western Conference.

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