Celtics Friday: Brothers Edition

By: Colleen B
Posted: December 16, 2017

I have two brothers. I am sandwiched in between two sports-loving men. Whether I wanted to like sports or not was not an option growing up. My whole life, I traveled to Karate, swim, basketball, soccer, etc. to watch my brothers participate in athletics. I remember not really LOVING to play soccer myself, but having to do it because my older brother was the coach. Recently, with my younger brother moving away to college, the three of us found each other further apart than we had ever been before. Suddenly, it wasn’t as each to watch Celtics games on the big screen in our parent’s house anymore. We resorted to communication via group chats and Snapchat. The idea of this post came from a Snapchat that my younger brother sent me from South Carolina: a picture of him and another southern dude in Celtics gear. My assumption was that he sent this to me and Mike because two Celtics fans simultaneously sporting gear down south was rare. The purpose of this piece is to analyze three Boston-based sports fans from one family, their beliefs in the NBA and the teams and players in the league, and kind of look at the culture of basketball and the Celtics on where we all live now.

The Variables:

Age: My younger brother, Chace, is 19, I am 21, and Mike is 30. Mike and Chace share a different of 11 years, Mike and I share 9, and Chace and I share 2.

Location: Chace lives in Conway, South Carolina. Mike lives in Lowell, Massachusetts. I live in Taunton, Massachusetts while I am not in school, but I reside in Cambridge, Massachusetts for most of the year.

The Data:

1. How long have you been a “fan” of basketball and the NBA?

Mike: I started consistently watching basketball with the 04-05 season: I had been a fan before this, and remember going to the Pierce-Walker era Celtics games. However, the Steve Nash Seven Seconds or Less Suns era teams were my early favorites and the reason I started watching the league consistently.

Nina: I think I have always been a “fan” starting when I could conceptualize exactly what Mike was watching on TV. I started to actually understand the mechanics of the game when I played a few games of NBA2k ‘12 with Chace. I started to conceptualize statistic meanings when I started these articles.

Chace:  I have been an NBA fan since 2010 when I watched the Celtics play in the finals.

2. Which NBA teams are your favorite and why? Are the Celtics one of your favorite teams? Why? (location or maybe a specific reason?)

Mike: Now, my favorite team is the San Antonio Spurs. They are the New England Patriots of the NBA: A team based on an organized system, great coach, and selfless play from team centered superstars. I do appreciate the Celtics, mainly because of Brad Stevens and his great coaching. My favorite Celtic is Al Horford, I love his versatility and ability to contribute to so many areas of team success. My favorite player in the NBA is Klay Thompson.

Nina: I am the worst kind of fan: I follow my favorite players and then I root for their teams. I like Kevin Durant, so I used to root for OKC, but now I cheer for the Warriors, and same thing with Kelly Olynyk from the Celtics to the Heat. I also like stupid chants/famous names: like when we could yodel “Nenê Nuggeeeeettttt” and have it be accurate.  I definitely like the Celtics because of my geographic location, and I’ll always get goosebumps when TD Garden lights up green and the jumbotron shows the players’ faces.

Chace: My favorite NBA teams are the Celtics, Thunder, and Spurs. I bleed green as I am from the Boston area and enjoy the organization’s rich history. I love to watch the Thunder because they play fast and up tempo basketball with amazing dunks and ridiculously athletic plays. I like the Spurs as they are simply brilliant and win every year, and Kawhi Leonard is an admirable player. I also like their abundance of foreign born players throughout the years like Manu Ginobili, Patty Mills, and Aron Baynes.

3. How many Celtics fans do you encounter where you live?

Mike: There are a fair amount of Celtics fans here [Lowell] : Most of the NBA fans I know are by default Celtics fans. However, I find more folks are Pats or Bruins fans.

Nina: Living in Taunton and working at a gym with a well-used community basketball court, I see a lot of kids who are fans of the Celtics. In Cambridge, when I am at school, I encounter more Pats fans.

Chace: I live in Conway, South Carolina for most of the year and encounter a few Celtics fans here and there. I mostly see Kyrie Irving fans as opposed to team fans, which does not surprise me.

4. Do you own or wear any Celtics gear?

Mike: I own a small number of Celtics shirts. I’m 30, and I think the days of being able to regularly wear jerseys or other things like that are behind me.

Nina: My prized possession right now is my Olynyk tee-shirt jersey my boyfriend bought me. I also own a few other tee-shirts and a Garnett jersey.

Chace:  I have a few Celtics shirts and a hat, but according to my roommate everything I own has a Celtics green undertone.

5. Do you see anyone wearing Celtics gear around where you live?

Mike:  I see the occasional jersey being worn or scarves/mittens with Celtics green, but not a lot.

Nina: Most of the kids at the gym I work at have Celtics gear, so yes.

Chace:  I see a few Kyrie jerseys and other Celtics apparel, but most people in the Carolinas are Hornets fans.


What is one thing you would say to the people who read Nina’s posts on Sports are From Venus?

Mike: The Celtics are an awesome study in team preparation and system implementation: Especially watch their out of bounds plays, Brad is one of the best designers of those.

Chace: Welcome to the club.


Nina: For my readers, where are you from? Do you watch a lot of basketball or play a lot of basketball? What do you think of the Celtics culture where you live? Comment Below!

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