8th Edition: On the Court, Off the Court, the Court Itself

By: Colleen B
Posted: December 19, 2017

On the Court

Coast to Coast (East to West- Who’s the Best?)

The Celtics reign leaders of the Eastern Conference with 26 (TWENTY SIX!!!) wins. Right now they are on a two-game win streak and they have 7 losses. Behind them is the Cavaliers (boooo) with 23 wins and 8 losses. The Raptors are at 20-8, the Pistons are at 17-13 and the Pacers are at 17-14.

In the West, the Rockets have 14 game win streak with 25 wins and 4 losses. The Warriors are close behind with 24 wins off a 9 game win streak with 6 total losses.  The Spurs are at 21-10, the Timberwolves are 18-13, and the Trailblazers trail behind (haha!) with a 16-14 record to match the Nuggets who are also 16-14.

A big game coming up tonight would be the Bucks (15-3) against the Cavaliers (23-8) at 8pm. The Bucks are on a 3 game losing streak while the Cavs are on a 5 game win streak. It’ll be fun to watch Giannis Antetokounmpo who is the second leading scorer in the NBA against LeBron James  who is the third leading scorer in the NBA.

Off the Court

Lebron’s Superstitions 

Lebron James wore one white sneaker and one black sneaker with the word “EQUALITY” written above the Nike Swoosh in Washington DC during the Cavaliers game against the Wizards. Here’s the catch- while everyone is talking about his symbolism and his statements on equality and race, all i can think about is how he only wore them during the first half of the game! He says he is very superstitious which is why he needed to take them off for the second half of the game, so, you know, he can do better. He joked that is there was third half, he probably would have switched shoes for that part too.  Lebron is notorious for being *too* superstitious. In Game 2 of the 2012 NBA finals, he had some struggles between choosing short or long tights. In Game 6 of the NBA Finals in 2013, he was noted to perform better notably better without his headband and he even hold press that he might “talk” to his headband to figure out whether to wear “him” or not. During last year’s NBA finals, Lebron Watched The Godfather (yes, the movie) 6 times throughout the series because it reminded him of valuable life lessons. Okay, dude.

The Court Itself

New Bucks Arena

The Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center is a new arena expected to open in September of 2018. Ground broke for the project in June of 2016. It will serve as the home of the Milwaukee Bucks as well as the Marquette University Golden Eagles men’s team. Giannis Antetokounmpo is especially excited about the new arena and he took a tour with Bucks President Peter Feigin. It’s fun to watch Antetokounmpo happily not have to duck his head as he walks through the locker rooms, family rooms, lounges, and then into the arena, the parking bridge, the 10,000+ lower seating area and 6,000+ upper seating areas. He got the opportunity to sit in the first set of seats installed in the arena. He joking sat and chanted, “Go Bucks GO! Come on guys, make a shot!” He told the construction workers that he has never sat in a seat to watch an NBA game, so he was super excited. The men working chanted “MVP! MVP!” as he toured, which echoed through the empty space. You can see the full video on NBA.com. Also, his accent is so cute!

Image source: twitter.com/celtics

Nina Lee


Nina is a 21 year old college student from Massachusetts. She loved playing and analyzing sports her whole life and is an avid fantasy football and basketball player. Nina is also the captain of the Lesley University Lynx Cheer team. Her favorite teams are the Patriots and Celtics and wherever Aaron Rodgers and Kelly Olynk are playing!

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