Gordon Hayward Update #2

By: Colleen B
Posted: December 25, 2017

The Recap

Gordon Hayward suffered a horrible dislocated left ankle and a fractured tibia in the Celtic’s season opener and has been out for the season.  After a slew of social media support from Celtics and NBA fans as well as Barack Obama, Kobe Bryant, and numerous NFL players, Hayward began his road to recovery. The NBA gave the Celtics a disabled player exception to replace Gordon Hayward.  

If you read my first Gordon Hayward article back in October, I said these hopeful words: “If Hayward were to have a miraculously fast recovery, he would be able to come back to the Celtics”.  So, now what?

What’s Gordon’s Plan?

Gordon keeps us updated with his blog. His plan, as of November 1st, was just to be able to get through the watching the games and accept his new role on the team. He said it was grueling to try and watch something he couldn’t be a part of. He writes, “I’m sitting here thinking, ‘I’m not going to be able to help the team on the court this year’…But I’ve decided that [thinking] has to stop. I have to change that way of thinking. I know I can’t help them physically on the court, but I am going to do everything in my power to support my teammates and coaches in every way imaginable. Whether it’s breaking down film or just providing leadership and guidance, I can’t wait to give back. I’ve already received so much…Now, it’s all about getting back. Time to begin.”

His wife Robyn has posted pictures of his two girls in their pretend nurse scrubs taking care of their dad at home. He works hard to attends Celtics games, which he says is really hard for him. The energy of the Garden makes him want to be a part of the action. He plays a lot of Destiny at home, and actually visited the Boys and Girls Club of Boston to play Destiny with some of the kids there.

“Improve every day”

In his most recent update on last Thursday (December 21), he wrote, “As I continue the long, arduous process of rehab, I’ve found that it’s important to keep things simple. The theme for me right now is, ‘Be better today than I was yesterday.’ I’m trying to make these slow gains, and creep back up to 100 percent. Improve every day.”

Hayward started with a cast after his surgery. Then after he got the cast off, he was put into a walking boot so that he could start manual therapy. At first, he said he was wearing the boot all the time and stuck on crutches. He had a hard time getting the confidence to get the boot off. His therapists had him take off the boot before he went to sleep or when he was just laying around to get him more comfortable. Now he is off of the crutches and totally out of the boot completely.  Now he sports a brace while he continues to wear while he’s doing rehab. He writes, “It’s all about making slow progress. Baby steps.”

How Should We Feel?

Celtics fans, including my family and my two brothers, think that it is imperative to think about Gordon healing properly. Since his injury was in the first game, there is reasonable hope for him to be able to return this season, though he says that it’s his plan to return next season. If he did come back, he would come back in a limited bench role. My older brother, Mike, thinks its wise of the Celtics to not use that $8.4 million disabled player exception until February. He believes the team would like to keep things quiet if he could return, not to ruffle anyone’s feathers. What do you think?


Image source: https://www.facebook.com/gordonhayward/


Nina Lee


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