NBA Player of the Week: Donovan Mitchell

By: Colleen B
Posted: December 27, 2017

Lucky 13

Selected at number 13 in the draft by the Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell was not a big name draft prospect. Why? Well, his College game at the University of Louisville was nothing really to write home about.  Mitchell’s college game was more of a “3 and D” option as opposed to a traditional point guard. However, many repeatedly said that the NBA would be a better fit for him and so far, Mitchell is proving them all right.

Injuries = Opportunities

Mitchell’s opportunity to prove everyone right is, unfortunately, coming as a result of the many injuries that have plagued the Jazz. Regardless, Mitchell is owning his opportunities. In fact, Mitchell is the reason why the Jazz are still on a playoff track. Mitchell is also showing everyone that he’s a fantastic replacement for Gordon Hayward, who the Jazz lost in the off season to the Celtics, with his quickness, jumping, and “wingspan” skills, skills that make Mitchell look like a veteran and not a rookie.


Is Mitchell perfect? Well, no. He has flaws…everyone has a flaw. Mitchell’s flaw is his inability to “hit shots off the dribble” because he just can’t give himself enough space. Give him time, though. Give him time. The Jazz have a lot to be thankful for this season, Mitchell being one of the biggest reasons!

The Proof

Mitchell has played 32 games so far this season, 24 as a starter, and averages 32 minutes and 18 points per game.

What do you think, is Donovan Mitchell headed towards the Rookie of the Year award?


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Colleen B


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