Celtics/Cavs Recap

By: Colleen B
Posted: January 4, 2018

The Boston Celtics vs. The Cleveland Cavaliers 

Date: 1/3/2018

Time: 8:00pm

The Celtics “spanked” the Cavs with a  102/88 win last night. The Celtics and Cavs had a quick battle for the lead in the first few minutes of the first quarter but the Celtics took the lead early and ran with it. The Celtics held the lead through the entirety of the game.

The Cavs didn’t look so hot on offence as LeBron James and Tristan Thompson contributed 19 and 10 points respectively, but Dwayne Wade and Kevin Love struggled to perform. LeBron James led points for Cavs and also led assists with 6, while Tristan Thompson led rebounds with 11.

The Celtics had a balanced effort with 6 players scoring in the double digits: Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, and Kyrie Irving. Boston saw a little more variability on the leader board with Terry Rozier leading with 20 points, Al Horford with 9 rebounds, and Kyrie Irving with 6 assists.

The energy of the crowd was incredible. They cheered for Isaiah Thomas, who sat on the Cavs’ bench with a hip injury. Social media blew up with memes of the Celtics logo on cartoon characters spanking other cartoon figures with the Cavs logo. Some of my favorite Twitter responses included the following:

-Vince Williams (@VinnyCidiVici98), linebacker for the Steelers, tweeted

“It’s four 30 year olds on the court for the Cavs. The Celtics five don’t know what a VCR is.”

-My childhood friend Henry (@hbrechter), who is also an intern  for the Boston Globe, tweeted

“Jaylen Brown alone on a fastbreak is my new favorite thing”

-My sports-enthusiast friend Carl (@VEKC18) tweeted

“I’m convinced that these Celtics can win the Finals”

Is it okay to say Celtics are legit Finals contenders? They’re 31-10. They’re ranked first in the Eastern Conference and first in the Atlantic Division. They have wins over the Warriors, Rockets, Bucks, Thunder, Raptors, and now the Cavs. I think this team will get better and better as long as everyone stays healthy (knock on wood).

They play again Friday, January 5 against Minnesota Timberwolves at 7:00 pm, then again Saturday, January 6 against the Brooklyn Nets. Then they have a few days off until their Thursday January 11 matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Image source: twitter.com/celtics

Nina Lee


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