Win Percentage, Elfrid Payton, and Nike PG2 “PlayStation”

By: Colleen B
Posted: January 23, 2018

On the Court

Win Percentage

Let’s dive into the math behind some stats here.

A win percentage is number that represents the fraction of games a team has played divided by the total amout of games played. So if I play 5 games of UNO with my friends and I win 3 of them, my win percentage is 60%. In the East, the Boston Celtics have a win percentage of 72%, the Toronto Raptors are at 69%, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are at 60%. In the West, the Golden State Warriors are at 79%, the Houston Rockets are at 73%, and the Minnesota Timberwolves come in at 63%.

Now, for teams who have win percentages in the 70’s (Celtics, Warriors, Rockets), the total number of games played is drastically different enough to make win percentage irrelevant to me right now in the season. The Celtics have a 72% win percentage. This number comes from 34 wins, 13 losses, 47 games total. They play tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday, meaning in 4 days their win percentage could fluctuate to as high as 74% and as low as 68%. The Warriors (79%), have 37 wins, 10 losses, 47 games total. They play tonight, Thursday, and Saturday, so in the next 4 days, their win percentage could get as high as 80% and as low as 74%. The Rockets (73%) have 33 wins, 12 losses, 45 games total. They play tomorrow and Friday, so they have less numbers to play with. In the next 4 days (3 really, because they don’t play Saturday), their win percentage could get as high as 77% and as low as 70%.  Each team plays 82 games in the regular season. So, since the teams all play at different paces, win percentage comparison right now doesn’t even really matter to me.

Off the Court

Elfrid Payton & His Hair

As my dad and I were watching the Celtics vs. Magic game on Sunday, he was laughing about a Magic player’s hair that was flopping around. To give you a visual, it was shaped like a ball cap made of of hair and it kind of sat on his head in a funny way where it flopped around. My boyfriend came over for the Patriots game, which started as the Celtics game ended, and my dad and I asked him, “Who’s that guy on the Magic with the hair?” Without hesitation, he laughed and said “Haha, that’s Elfrid Payton.”

Apparently, Payton knows that people see the long, funny-shaped “bushy” hair and laugh at him or judge him for it. He describes himself as laid back, which is why the wild hair balances him out. The hair started off as a team pact, when his high school team made vows to not cut their hair until they won their state championship. They ended up losing in the state semifinals, but the hair kept the meaning and became part of his personal identity and personal journey in basketball. His journey has been fun and interesting to read about as I’ve googled his name and read up on him. Apparently he had a huge growth spurt with took him to 5’10” to 6’3”, then he was drafted 1st round by the Philadelphia 76ers. He now currently plays for the Orlando Magic and plays point guard at 23 years old.

The Court Itself

Nike PG2 “PlayStations”

Paul George sported some beautiful PlayStation themed sneakers. The PG2 collection was designed in collaboration with the basketball player. Nike released these shoes as a follow-up to the PG1. They feature light-up tongues which bears a “PG” logo (sources say that there is a button on the inside of the shoe/tongue that allows you to turn the lights on/off and flicker mode). Another cool feature of these shoes is the pulse mode where the lights flicker and vibrate, similar to the PlayStation Dual Shock controller. Pretty cool!

Nina Lee


Nina is a 21 year old college student from Massachusetts studying Elementary Education and Political Science. She has always been involved in playing and analyzing sports her whole life and is an avid fantasy football and basketball player. Her favorite teams are the New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics, as well as wherever Aaron Rodgers and Kelly Olynyk are playing!


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