A Review: Tom vs. Time, Episodes 3 & 4

By: Colleen B
Posted: February 5, 2018

Episode three started with Julian Edelman admitting to Brady that he ruined is driver (golf). He followed up his admission with, “but the good news is, you won the Super Bowl.”

I won’t lie, that stung a little watching this the day after they lost to the Eagles.

But I digress…

Episode three is titled “The Social Game” but I’ll call it the boys club episode because, well, that was the focus of this episode; Brady and his TB12 guru, Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola. In this episode we saw Brady practicing with Edelman and Amendola in Montana during the off season, a tradition that is key to their success on the field during the season, as is the fun they have together when not practicing—mountain biking, ATVs, golfing, and dropping rocks off the side of a mountain…?  We also witnessed an awkward scene in which we see Brady getting a…I’ll say strange…a strange massage. So strange was this scene that I’m now wondering if the warning at the start of the episode was more for that scene than the questionable language during the practice scenes. Regardless, episode three provided a little insight into his relationship with his two main receivers. Do I wish the episode had a few Gronk sightings?  Absolutely! The episode would have been ten times more entertaining if Gronk was there because…everything is more entertaining with Gronk, right?

Moving on to episode four.

While episode three focused on the boys, episode four was the exact opposite. Episode four was really sweet and in my opinion, further added to the second episode’s humanizing of Brady. Episode four focused on Brady’s family, specifically his struggle to find balance between his kids, wife, and football.

Ahh, work-life balance, a struggle most of us can relate to, yes?

The episode also spent a lot of time highlighting the trip to China Brady took last year with his oldest son and then, the sweetest moment, handing his mother her own Super Bowl ring while face-timing with Robert Kraft.

Both episodes are relatively short so I encourage you to watch them for yourself.


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