Take Me Seriously

By: Colleen B
Posted: February 9, 2018

Three words: take me seriously.

I am going to try my absolute hardest to have this entire article not sound like a ramble. When I say this all out loud, it sounds like a firm, cohesive, thought-out idea, which is exactly how I got this idea. I was chatting with my friend John about sports, and he admitted to me that when I told him that I played fantasy football and basketball, he knew we’d be great friends. This sparked some further conversation about our favorite players, and players that we loved for a variety of reasons. John and I ended our sports conversation and worked on our school project, but continued thinking about all of the diverse reasons why like different athletes, and how me liking different athletes seems to question my credibility.

To name a few specifically (most of you probably know these):

Kelly Olynyk– He’s cute and his hair is luxurious.

Chad Johnson/Ochocinco– He was amazing on Dancing With the Stars (season 10). Seriously, his 60’s jive with Cheryl Burke was fantastic. Oh, and he ripped his shirt off.

Tom Brady- The G.O.A.T. obviously. He has more Super Bowl rings than any other quarterback in NFL history, and the most Super Bowl MVPs of any NFL player.

Adam Gaudette– He’s an American Ice Hockey player for the Vancouver Canucks. He currently plays centerman for the  Northeastern Huskies (in the NCAA). He’s a favorite of mine because we played youth soccer together back in the good ole days, and our moms were friends.

Aaron Rodgers– I have a love/hate with this man. I don’t know what Danica Patrick has that I don’t, but I love him for his usual fantasy numbers. He has like 300-something touchdowns in 12 years of playing. Pretty good if you ask me.

Dirk Nowitzki– He’s always been so cool to me. A 7’ German basketball player who was arguably the greatest shooting “big” ever.

Clay Matthews– The guy has a cool name AND cool hair. And, if I remember correctly, a few really cool forced fumbles (14 to be exact).

Terry Rozier III– This guy is such a rebel. His Adidas contract was terminated because he wore Nike during a shoot around. Also, his first career start resulted in a triple double, that I witnessed in person.

Cristiano Ronaldo– He’s Portuguese professional footballer (soccer player) who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team. I’m Portuguese so I have to like him.

Now, if you’ll so kindly notice, a lot of my reasons had to do with outside factors, such as appearance, dancing skills, and hair styles. However, a lot of my reasons have to do with legitimate, stats. My question here is, why is it so hard for me to like both? When Kelly Olynyk scored a career high 32 points against the Celtics this year, I got AT LEAST 6 texts from friends and family saying sly comments, “Guess you were right” followed by “That’s your guy ;)”

So, do the athletes I like need to put up great numbers to qualify them for me to like them, since I have an actual, educated sports opinion?

The purpose of this website, Sports Are From Venus, is to empower women to have a voice in the sports conversation. I am trying to do exactly that, and I love researching, writing, and publishing. However, I firmly with my whole heart believe that it should be OKAY for me to love players for other reasons, too, so either way, please take me seriously in the sports conversation and let me talk about their appearance, dancing skills, and hair styles while I’m at it.

Nina Lee


Nina is a 21 year old college student from Massachusetts studying Elementary Education and Political Science. She has always been involved in playing and analyzing sports her whole life and is an avid fantasy football and basketball player. Her favorite teams are the New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics, as well as wherever Aaron Rodgers and Kelly Olynyk are playing!


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