Opinion: The Cleveland Cavaliers and Their “Facelift”

By: Colleen B
Posted: February 12, 2018

Despite being in third place in the Eastern Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers were, as said best by the team’s general manager, Koby Altman, “marching a slow death.” To address the “lack of energy and enthusiasm” Altman was seeing on the court (I mean, they had a 22-point lead at one point in a game against Orlando early last week but ended up losing by 18), he made three deals before Thursday’s trade deadline. These three deals, which moved six players off of their roster while adding four new players, resulted in what SBNATION is calling “the biggest single-day midseason facelifts in NBA history.”

Full details of Altman’s moves can be found here, but in my opinion, the most interesting moves made by Altman? Sending Isaiah Thomas to Los Angeles and Dwayne Wade back to Miami. Boston fans were probably a bit shocked at the Thomas move as Cleveland just acquired Thomas during the offseason. Thomas was injured at the time of his acquisition by the Cavs, but he played at 17 games before his latest trade and…well, this NBA meme says it all:


As for sending Wade back to Miami? While Wade is having a horrible season by his standards, he was working hard to keep the Cavs afloat as a second unit point guard, filling the hole left by Derrick Roe. But Altman felt that he could do without him and Miami coach Erik Spoelstra desperately needed him. What Wade was doing in Cleveland is exactly what Miami needs to regain some of their own momentum and possibly make the playoffs, something the team hasn’t been able to do since Wade left.

What remains to be seen in Cleveland is what does these moves mean for LeBron James. LeBron was said to be unhappy before the trade deadline. Has his mood improved? It was also said that the locker room was in a divisive state before the trades. Is everyone getting along now? The few weeks after the trade deadline are said to be the “honeymoon” phase, so things may look great now. I’ll reserve judgement until things settle down.

What are your thoughts on Cleveland’s moves?


Image Source: Twitter.com/cavs

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