Forwards, Williams vs Butler, and More

By: Colleen B
Posted: February 26, 2018

On the Court

Forwards & 3PT%

My younger brother texted in our sibling group chat yesterday that he made a 3 pointer in a basketball game yesterday, and my older brother noted that as key development of a forward as he ages. This prompted me to look at some of my favorite (maybe not yours) NBA forwards through a 3 point % lens. 


Kevin Durant (Warriors): 29 years old, 11th year in NBA. Best 3PT% this year at 42%, and better than other 10 seasons so far.

Paul George (Thunder): 27 years old, 8th year in NBA. Also killing the 3PT game currently at 42%, which is also better than the other 7 seasons.

Kawhi Leonard (Spurs): 26 years old, 7th year in NBA. Really all over the place. Arguably the worst year for 3PT%, and not really rebounding much.


Anthony Davis (Pelicans): 24 years old, 6th year in NBA. Best 3P% is this season. Literally improves each year.

Serge Ibaka (Raptors): 28 years old, 9th year in NBA. Best 3PT% back in 09-10 season.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks): 23 years old, 5th year in NBA. Best 3PT% in first year with 34%. He’s at 28% this ‘17-’18 season but he’s killing it in points per game.

Off the Court

Lou Williams vs Jimmy Butler??

Okay, so admittedly, this is kind of “old news” but I still want to report the low down of what’s going on here. Let’s break it down: Lou Williams thinks he’s the best and he deserved to play in the All-Star game, but he didn’t get picked. He was really disappointed and publicly made it known, tweeting “Lol” after the rosters for the game were released. The game happens, and Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler sits literally the whole All-Star game. Lou thinks this is hilarious, and that Jimmy doesn’t deserve his $100k payment for his bench-sitting talents. The two are rumored to be organizing a 1-on-1 game for the $100k. Although no plans have been publicly released, big sports media like Sports Illustrated have already hinted that this 1-on-1 would be incredible television pay-per-view content. I’m not saying this is dumb, but this is dumb. They should make use of their time play for charity or something. *If you’re reading this, Lou, I need some help with college loans.* So, who do you think would win? My $100k is on that it never happens.

The Court Itself

I Can’t Ball

So, usually I use this category to make some type of play on words about shoes found “on the court itself ” or the style of “the court itself”. Today, I am going to talk about the rare topic of me on the court itself. HAHA!!! Today, I showed up to class in my normal clothes: Adidas joggers, a tee shirt, and my favorite Adidas sneakers. A nice kid leaned over my shoulder to see me on the website. “You ball?” he asked. I laughed. Out loud. “What’s so funny? You look like you’re ready to ball.” I couldn’t stop laughing. For someone who dresses athletically (I guess) and knows so much about basketball, my credibility actually comes solely from being an avid fan, not a player of the sport.

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