On the court, off the court, and the court itself

By: Colleen B
Posted: March 5, 2018

Alright folks, I’m covering for Nina this week. Here are my thoughts on what’s happening in the east coast from an on the court, off the court, and the court itself perspective.

On The Court

Alright, so this could go under off the court as well but, the Celtics are going to be without Kyrie Irving tonight. Sir Kyrie (as I like to call him) is suffering from a sore knee, an ailment that started during Saturday’s loss to Houston and progressively got worse on Sunday. While I’m sure the Celtics will be ok without Kyrie, his absence will be felt for sure. I mean, Kyrie has been amazing since coming back from the all star break. Specifically, in the first three games after the break, Kyrie was averaging 24.7 points in close to  30 minutes per game. His shooting during that same time period? 53 percent from the court and 51.7 percent from beyond the 3-point arc. Get well soon, Kyrie. Get well soon…

The Celtics are not the only team who’ll be missing a key player tonight. The Cavs will be without Tristan Thompson. Actually, Thompson will miss a few games as a result of a sprained right ankle.

Missing a key player is never a good thing, especially for the Cavs who have been trying to maintain their number three spot since the trade deadline. However, while Thompson has been part of the starting line-up since the all star break, the fact that the Cavs have lost their last three games, along with the fact that Thompson is having a pretty horrible year stat wise (mainly a result of the 20 games he missed earlier in the season), I’m going to guess fans are not all that heartbroken to hear Thompson is out. In fact, many have been calling for Thompson to be benched in favor of Larry Nance for a while now as Nance is averaging more points, rebounds AND assists than Thompson since joining the team. Thanks to Thompson’s injury, it looks like Cavs’ fans may be getting their wish. Let’s keep our eyes on this one. You know what they say, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

Off The Court

Not to focus on my favorite player, but…did you know Kyrie Irving has a part in the upcoming movie Uncle Drew? Yeah, neither did I…until today. And the only reason I know is because Lil Rel Howery, one of the actors in the file, gave in an interview at last night’s oscars and told everyone how Kyrie learned about his trade to Boston immediately before filming his scene. According to Howery’s interview, Kyrie was so excited about the trade, he ran off of set in a fit of excitement. Oh, and the scene Kyrie is in? It’s a dancing scene. He must have been dancing on cloud nine (says the Celtics fan). Cool, yes? Yes.

The Raptors are having a pretty good (albeit unexpected) season, yes? Yes and a lot of it has to do with DeMar DeRozan who was named Eastern Conference player of the week for the not second, not third, but fourth time this season.

Speaking of the Raptors, the current number one seed is frantically trying to find a replacement for the injured OG Anunoby. To help keep them in the number one seed, the team signed a…ten-day contract with forward Nigel Hayes. Hayes was undrafted in 2017 and has spent his short professional career in the G League (you know, the minor league). Ten-day contract. Undrafted. Number one seed at stake. I don’t know about you, but this seems like a weird move to me.

The Court Itself

I have a few thoughts for this topic that I’ll share with you later this week. You’re excited, I know 🙂

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