On The Court, Off The Court, and The Court Itself

By: Colleen B
Posted: March 13, 2018

I’m back for another round of On The Court, Off The Court, and The Court Itself. Don’t worry, Nina will be back next week!

On The Court

Well, folks, the Cleveland Cavaliers have made a move in the eastern conference standings. Unfortunately, it’s not the move they were looking for as they are now sitting in…fourth place. Ouch. Not a good move for a team that had every intention of climbing but to the very top after that major trade last month. Are we seeing early signs that this year’s Finals could actually include *gasp* another team from the Eastern Conference? Ok, so it’s far too early to even speculate something like that, especially considering that this most recent struggle is a result of injuries (plenty of time to get some key players back) and not because of personality conflicts, but still…not a great time to be on a decline.

Off the Court

Looking for a new book to read? May I suggest Ray Allen’s new book, “From the Outside: My Journey through Life and the Game I Love?” Ok, so you can’t get it for another two weeks, but early reviews and interviews are hinting at some interesting behind the scenes info. Specifically, the book talks about Allen’s time in Seattle, Milwaukee, Boston and Miami, his relationship with Kevin Garnett (strained, to say the least), and his thoughts about how an NBA locker room resembles the a high school cafeteria, full of cliques. The most interesting bits I’ve read so far, though, has been on Allen’s feelings toward Rajon Rondo. Apparently Rondo was/is more of a drama king than we all thought.

To pre-order, or not to pre-order….

The Court Itself

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman was sentenced to three years of informal probation for his DUI arrest in January. Call me crazy, but that seems like a light sentence to me. Apparently though, because Rodman: plead guilty on his own, has been receiving “intensive inpatient rehabilitation,” as well as the fact that he completed his previous community service sentence (from a 2017 arrest for causing a car accident by driving the wrong way on a freeway in Santa Ana) by “donating many hours in long-term-care facilities and making a real difference in people’s lives,” the court felt that this was an appropriate sentence. My opinion? This is the second year in a row he has been arrested for some form of a violation while driving. Informal probation? Not enough, folks. Not enough.

Sigh. Celebrity privilege.

Image source: AP


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