Kyrie’s Knee

By: Colleen B
Posted: March 30, 2018

This past weekend, I was out at a restaurant/bar and I saw someone with a mock teeshirt jersey. The front of the Celtics green shirt read “Flat Earth” as the team name with Kyrie Irving’s number 11 on the front and the back. SUPER annoying. Please read my annoyed post about the ridiculousness of this flat earth thing here.

Kyrie underwent a “minimally invasive” procedure on his left knee. Apparently, he had a tension wire removed. He’s had tendonitis problems since June 2015. That year, when he returned to the court full time in December, he tweeted a VERY popular “I’m back.”

It’s kind of unclear how long he’ll be out for, but I speculate it’ll be until playoffs. I’m sure the Celtics want to be careful and make sure his knee heals, since it is a small problem and not allowing healing time probably will just make things worse. Rumors report the point guard will miss 3 to 6 weeks, but that’s seriously a huge gap with not too many details.

Kyrie really hasn’t played much since March 11th against the Pacers, but he was doing a lot for the team and his absence is definitely felt. With that being said, the Celtics are on a five game win streak, having beat the Thunder, Trail Blazers, Kings, Suns, and Jazz. Tomorrow night, the Celtics play the Raptors at 7:30pm.

Will he be as fun and as positive as Gordon Hayward? Probably not. He’ll just go around telling otherwise educated children about the flat earth.

Image via Twitter.

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