Top Two’s, Anthony Davis, and Powder Hands

By: Colleen B
Posted: April 2, 2018

On the Court

Top Two’s

Points per game: James Harden (30.6), Anthony Davis (28.1)

Rebounds per game: Andre Drummond (16), DeAndre Jordan (15.3)

Assists per game: Russell Westbrook (10.2), LeBron James (9.1)

Blocks per game: Anthony Davis (2.5), Clint Capela (1.9)

Steals per game: Victor Oladipo (2.3), Paul George (2.1)

Field goal percentage: Clint Capela (64.8), DeAndre Jordan (64.6)

3 Point made: James Harden (251), Kemba Walker (226)

3 Point percentage: Darren Collison (45.1), Reggie Bullock (44.2)

Nina’s Statistic MVPs this week: James Harden, Anthony Davis, DeAndre Jordan, Clint Capela

Off the Court

Anthony Davis’ Eyebrows

“NOOOO!!!” my boyfriend yelled while scrolling on his phone.

“WHAT! Oh my gosh what!!!” I asked, searching for answers frantically.

“Anthony Davis shaved his eyebrow!!!”

Long story short, my boyfriend and many others freaked out about Anthony Davis’ signature eyebrow shaving. The whole thing was really strange and seemingly sponsored by Red Bull. On March 28, he tweeted about a poll, asking “Should I shave my brow?” and received 51% “Yep” votes and 49% “Nah” votes. Then on March 31, Davis tweeted a trick video of himself “shaving” his eyebrow with a Red Bull towel over his shoulder . Finally, on April 1st, or April Fools’ Day, Davis tweeted out that he was simply joking, “Come on y’all!! Y’all knew I wasn’t cutting it lol.  #AprilFools We got ya!! @redbull

The Court Itself

Powder Hands

I was watching the Celtics game on Saturday night and the camera panned to Terry Rozier III standing on the sideline, putting white, chalky powder over his hands. I was mind blown. I Googled “Why do nba players put powder on their hands?” which led me to a Yahoo Answers thread including questions like “Does it give them grip on the ball?” and “Is it magic?” The “best answer” was that it gives players drier hands to give them a better grip on the ball. I already knew that they stood on special magical mats where their sneakers get better grip, but now I feel dumb. Did anyone else not know about this?


Image via @AntDavis23 Twitter.


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