Bellagio Creates Life-Size Chocolate Sculpture of Marc-Andre Fleury

By: Sports Are From Venus
Posted: April 10, 2018

Vegas. When you think of Vegas, you think of Casino’s, bars, gambling, etc. You also think of one of Vegas’ star hotels in the Bellagio. Vegas was never a hockey city until this year when the NHL decided to expand to Las Vegas and create the Vegas Golden Knights. Now when you go to Vegas you can think about hockey too, which is great.

The Golden Knights broke numerous NHL records for an expansion team this season and will play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time ever. Come playoff time, it’s time to go big. And that’s exactly what the Bellagio Patisserie decided to do.

The Bellagio bakers have created a 5-foot, 90 pound chocolate sculpture of goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury. It took the bakers about five weeks to create the sculpture, and it is stunning. Vegas has certainly turned into a hockey city and the fans are already some of the best in the NHL.

This sculpture honors the three Stanley Cups Fleury captured while playing with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Bellagio bakers hope to add a fourth.

Fleury has had a tremendous season in goal for the Golden Knights with a 2.24 GAA and .927 SV% with 4 shutouts in 46 games played. Fleury was only able to play in 46 games due to injury but the net minder is ready for the playoffs.

Fleury has alright playoff numbers with a 2.65 GAA and .908 SV% 10 shutouts. Fleury is probably overjoyed with the chocolate sculpture of him as he was one of the best players to be added to the Golden Knights roster.

If you’re in Vegas, go check out the sculpture of Fleury in the Bellagio Patisserie, it’s something you won’t want to miss!

Photo: NBC Sports, NHL

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