Best Dressed Players

By: Colleen B
Posted: April 12, 2018

You know that saying, “you clean up well?” You know, when someone you’re not used to seeing all dressed up and not covered in dirt and/sweat? Folks, there is no denying that some of our favorite pro-sports players clean-up really nicely off the court/field. So, why are we not talking about that here? Well, welcome to a new feature here at Sports Are From Venus, Best Dressed Players! Each week we’ll pick three players and post their best off the court/field photos and then let you vote on who you think is truly the best dressed. Fun, right? Right!

So, without further ado, tell us, who would you say is the best dressed player?

Connor Mcdavid

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PK Subban

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Tyler Seguin

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Tell us your vote in the comments!

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