Will Nazem Kadri Be Suspended?

By: Sports Are From Venus
Posted: April 13, 2018

In last nights Bruins/Maple Leafs game, Nazem Kadri found himself in some deep water. Kadri got a 2 minute penalty for boarding Boston’s Tommy Wingels and after that he charged Wingels once again and found himself thrown out of the game. But will he see suspension time?

As you can see, Kadri charges Tommy Wingels, leaves his feet, and looks to make contact with Wingels head. Wingels was shaken up on the play and left the game after he was probably seeing stars.

There’s no excuse for this hit by Kadri, he put his team who was already down by a few goals, in an even worse situation than before. The DOPS has been pretty inconsistent with suspensions this season, but they did announce that Kadri will have a hearing.

If i’m a Toronto fan, i’m really mad about this pathetic play by Kadri. Stupid hit and stupid play from one of Toronto’s more valuable players. He could now miss some time for the Leafs who are already down in the series 1-0.

My guess is Kadri gets a maximum three game suspension; will probably only get two games for this hit. Either way, I see him being suspended for some time which is a serious blow to the Leafs lineup.

In the regular season, Kadri recorded 55 points (32 G, 23 A) in 80 games played. He is a key component to the Leafs lineup and they’ll be missing him if he’s suspended.

Kadri plays on the edge, which can be a very dangerous game. How many games do you think he’ll be suspended for?

Photo: USA Today

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