Buzz Bulletin: Eric Bledsoe Needs a Snickers

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: April 18, 2018

Happy Wednesday, everyone! My week peaked when I saw Tom Brady trending on Twitter, and he turned out to be neither injured nor dead.

Tom Brady, Trump Lackey?

Unless you’ve (enviably) been living under a rock, you likely know that adult film star Stormy Daniels was reportedly threatened in 2011 and warned not to go public about her relationship with the man who is now our mushed-up ball of Velveeta-in-Chief.

Ms. Daniels appeared on The View on Tuesday and released a sketch of the man–who bears more than a passing resemblance to the GOAT. Needless to say, Twitter took notice.


It’s safe to assume that Gisele is probably not loving this. Or maybe she is.

I’m Still Mad At Tristan Thompson

Things have not gotten significantly better for Tristan Thompson, who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar on a road trip last week.

The cheating jerk  Cavs forward became a dad for the second time on Thursday, when girlfriend Khloe Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl just days after Thompson’s cheating scandal came to light.

The little one’s name? True Thompson.

Khloe Kardashian, shade queen.

Tristan’s reportedly not spending a lot of time in his Cleveland home, where sources say Khloe is staying until her doctors give her the go-ahead to fly to Los Angeles.

We can only assume Tristan has set up camp in the doghouse.

The New Season of “Feud” Looks Great

Playoff basketball is never without its drama, and it started early this season.

After the Celtics took Game 1 in a dramatic fashion, Boston guard Terry Rozier made a slip of the tongue while talking about the Bucks’ most dominant players and referred to guard Eric Bledsoe as “Drew Bledsoe.”

Unless you’re a quarterback (sorry Drew), that shouldn’t come as too big of an insult. However, Bledsoe’s response following Game 2 would indicate that perhaps it’s not water under the bridge quite yet. He hit Rozier with the classic “I don’t know her.”

Bledsoe most certainly does know who Rozier is–the Celtics guard is averaging 23 points per game in the playoffs and hasn’t turned over the ball once.

Can’t get enough of the NBA playoffs? Our girl Nina’s got your back.

Who Run The World?


Shoutout to the American women who dominated the Boston Marathon on Monday–these ladies racked up seven of the top ten spots in the women’s race. Desiree Linden crossed the finish line first, followed by Sarah Sellers (in only her second ever marathon). You go, girls.

Photo credits: Boston Globe, Giphy, NESN

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