Celtics Saturday

By: Colleen B
Posted: April 21, 2018

Hi, this is my Celtics Friday post. I know it isn’t Friday, But I wanted to wait to see the outcome of last night’s game before writing an article, so technically it is Celtics Saturday. I guess I didn’t really need to wait, because I was extremely disappointed as the Bucks dominated the Celtics with an ugly score. So, without further whining, I have FIVE key points here (I like lists) and I’m going to try to include some Twitter/media pics for fun.

1.What Happened: The Celtics went into their matchup last night 2-0 with no major lineup changes. There was some “beef” between Terry Rozier III and Eric Bledsoe, which Rozier admitted didn’t have much effect on him, but other than that, the Celtics should have been ready to go in and beat the Bucks with the same vigor as before. Now we (Celtics fans) have to buckle down and pay real attention because the Bucks’ win last night made this series competitive. Here is one of my new favorite memes:

2.What went differently than the first two games:


The Bucks fans were WILD last night. I noted it immediately when, within a minute or so to the start of the game, every single person was on their feet cheering, clapping, and creating a tough environment for the Celtics.

Spacing/Taking Command of the Paint:

The Bucks still make me giggle when they try to move the ball, but last night they did an excellent job of maintaining their pace and creating space to set plays. The Celtics, however, had a tough time taking command of the paint.

The Bucks Seem to Hate Greg Monroe???

Okay, maybe I made this one up or heard it somewhere, but I’m pretty sure the Bucks hate him. There was an early questionable foul against him, which he answered with 2 easy free throws, but still, I’m not sure. Monroe played a solid 23 minutes last night, which is more than either of the first two games in the series, and he scored 15 points in those 23 minutes.

3.The future schedule: The two match up again tomorrow, Sunday, April 22 at 1pm in Milwaukee. Game 5 will be back in Boston, and games 6 and 7 (if necessary) with bounce back to Bucks then Celtics territories respectively.

4.Erin Popovich: The Celtics were super respectful about the passing of Erin Popovich and tweeted this message:

5.Aaron…..Rodgers???: The two-time NFL MVP has spent his entire career with the Packers (and my original favorite sports player), has expanded his business portfolio as part-owner of the Bucks. Per Matt Velazquez of the Journal Sentinel, the Bucks announced that Aaron Rodgers bought a stake in the franchise during last night’s game. Not to toot my own horn, but I knew something was up when he tweeted about the Bucks on April 17th. 


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