Buzz Bulletin: Gronk’s Gonna Gronk

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: April 25, 2018

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having as great of a week as Meek Mill, who we talked about in last week’s roundup. (Check it out here if you don’t remember.)

Julio Jones Scares a City

Julio Jones gave Atlanta fans a scare earlier this week when he scrubbed his social media accounts and deleted every connection to the Falcons organization. Jones also locked down his Twitter page and got rid of every photo in a Falcons uniform (except for his profile picture).

These sudden changes, combined with the fact that Jones has yet to show up for offseason training, immediately fueled a frenzy of trade rumors. Falcons fans didn’t take it well, and Twitter wasted no time in putting in bids for the Pro Bowl receiver.

Much to Atlanta’s relief, Jones isn’t going anywhere. Team representatives say that he just needed a fresh start. Some cool-headed Falcons fans noted that he cleaned house on social media before last season, too.

It’s Good to Be Gronk

Has there even been a single day in the past week when Rob Gronkowski wasn’t in the news?

Last weekend, he made a splash by buying minority stock in a horse named Gronkowski, who may or may not be headed to the Kentucky Derby.

“I’ve never dealt with horses,” said Gronk. “Hopefully I can get a ride on the horse.”

On Tuesday, he shook Patriot Nation by confirming his plan to return to Foxborough next season. Of course, he did so in the most Gronk way possible.

#BandsAMakeHerDance, indeed.

Giannis Just Wanted Some Tacos

Even after hitting an almost-buzzer beater in the Bucks’ home city, Giannis Antetokounmpo still couldn’t get a table at a Milwaukee taco restaurant.


The owner of the restaurant has publicly apologized, claiming not to have recognized the man with the seven-foot wingspan who is arguably the city’s most recognizable celebrity.

Giannis reportedly went for pizza instead (in case you were worried).


Photo credit: NESN

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