Celtics Friday

By: Colleen B
Posted: April 27, 2018

You know that saying, “A series doesn’t start until the home team loses”? Well, it’s kind of annoying. Of course the series started, duh. They’ve already played six games.

The point is that the real competition isn’t present until an away team is able to do better than another team on that team’s home turf. That’s annoying too, though, because that pretty much means that whoever has home court advantage first, and gets to play 4 games out of 7 at home, should win the series.

The Celtics lost last night to the Bucks with a score of 97 to 86. This series is now tied at 3-3 and they will play a game 7 at Boston TD Garden tomorrow at 8pm. As the saying above goes, the Celtics need to just show up to win, and the Bucks need to get competitive, but it’s a little deeper than that. The Celtics were horrible last night. I feel like I don’t even know that team anymore. Jayson Tatum scored 22, followed by Terry Rozier with 16, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Morris with 14,  Al Horford with 10, and the rest scattered in by Smart, Baynes, and Larkin. The Bucks outscored the Celtics with the immense , heroic contribution by Giannis Antetokounmpo of 31 points, followed by Khris Middleton and Malcolm Brogdon, both with 16. The Bucks’ rotation off the bench scored well, with points from Thon Maker, Eric Bledsoe, Jabari Parker, Tony Snell, Matthew Dellavedova, and Tyler Zeller (ew).

If the Celtics play tomorrow night how they played last night, it’s over. They need to follow through when they cut to the post, maybe actually make some shots, and find someone who can cover Giannis.

By Monday, I’ll have an update on the outcome of this series, as well as an overview of the East (big things happening!) However, I also wanted to toss in here that I HATE these other sayings, too:

“Now THIS right here, ladies and gentlemen, is PLAYOFF BASKETBALL!!!” -every announcer ever. Well, basketball is pretty much whenever someone finds a ball and dribbles it. I get the point, playoff basketball can be viewed as a little faster pace and more competitive, don’t rip me apart here. It’s just a little dumb to state the obvious.

“Defense wins championships!” -also every announcer ever. You know what else wins championships? Showing up, having a team, eating a good breakfast, any kind of offense, setting plays, making shots, smart passes…

Are there any basketball sayings that you hate too?

Image via MassLive.

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