On the Court: The East

By: Colleen B
Posted: April 30, 2018


Raptors vs Wizards

Winner: Raptors / Was I right? Yes!

Proof: I pretty much called that the“Let’s go Raptors!” were distracting to the Wizards. That’s totally why they lost…The Raptors are also first in the east so that helps.

Cavs vs Pacers

Winner: Cavs / Was I right? Not really…

Proof: I said this is the first time that a LeBron James-led team has lost in the opening game of the opening series, and I kind of insinuated that they wouldn’t do well.

76ers vs Heat

Winner: 76ers / Was I right?: Yes!

Proof: I pretty explicitly said that I stand by the 76ers.

Celtics vs Bucks

Winner: Celtics / Was I right? YES!!!

Proof: Yes, I kind of bashed them last Friday night, but I did say that all they needed to do was follow through when they cut to the post, maybe actually make some shots, and find someone who can cover Giannis (only 22 points in game 7). They fought and they won.


Raptors vs Cavs

Games one and two are in Toronto, and three and four are in Cleveland. If Lowry and DeRozan continue to play they way they’ve been playing, they got the win in the bag. I don’t think the Cavs can continue to ride LeBron’s back. My prediction here is that the Cavs will fall to the Raptors, but I’m not sure that the Raptors can win in LeBron’s city. He really OWNS those fans. They play tomorrow at 8pm.

76ers vs Celtics

Games one and two are in Boston, then three and four are in Philadelphia. The 76ers are young…but Boston seems young by force. The Celtics are second in the east while the 76ers are third. This is a great matchup and should be a lot more entertaining than the Raptors/Cavs. I like to giggle all those people who were questioning “How far can the Celtics go without Kyrie?” Okay, maybe that was me, but I didn’t give up hope. They play tonight at 8pm.

Image via theScore.com

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