Marchand’s Lick

By: Colleen B
Posted: May 6, 2018

If you read Whitney’s latest pop culture round-up (if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you do!), then you know that Bruins winger Brad Marchand has been licking opponents on the ice this season. Specifically, Marchand has licked Toronto’s Leo Komarov and then just this past Friday, Tampa’s Ryan Callahan. Regarding Friday’s lick, Marchand was quoted as saying, “well, he punched me four times in the face, so, you know, he just kept getting close.”

Will he lick again? Well, considering that the NHL has reportedly stepped in this weekend to warn both Marchand and Bruins’ GM Don Sweeney that if it happens again, Marchand could face a suspension, I would say no. But…well… I mean, licking?

We are very interested in hearing your thoughts on this situation. So far, fans of the sport have a few different perspectives:

Kevin from Boston:

Well, he’s an agitator so I’m not surprised, although it is gross. But I have to give him credit, it’s a unique way to try to draw a penalty!

Samantha from Ohio:

I think it’s hilarious and if there is a mono outbreak, we know who to blame!

And Sara from North Carolina:

I’m not a fan of the Bruins and think Marchand is a dirty player to begin with, but if they can punch each other in the face, what’s the harm in a lick?

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Image source: SI


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