The Jets May Put an End to Vegas’ Historic Season

By: Sports Are From Venus
Posted: May 13, 2018

The Jets may put an end to the Golden Knights fabulous 2018 season. Winnipeg simply outplayed Vegas and beat them 4-2 in game one of the Western Conference Finals. They actually made Vegas look silly. The Jets jumped out to an early 2 goal lead and never gave it up.

The Jets are easily the best team in this years playoffs. They have everything going for them. Many actually think that the Jets will sweep Vegas.

The Golden Knights are a great team and have earned all the success that has came their way this season but I personally think they will be bested by the Jets.

The Jets are a stronger, faster, and better all around team. They’re going to expose all the holes in the Knights lineup and make the most of every goal scoring opportunity.

Acquiring Paul Stastny at the trade deadline was probably one of the best moves made all year. Stastny has earned his keep and has helped Winnipeg in all aspects of the game.

Patrik Laine is having a great first year in the playoffs, maybe it’s the billy goat beard? Who knows.

Connor Hellebuyck has had a great season and keeps playing well every night in the playoffs. Everything the Jets have is what you need to win the Stanley Cup.

I think they’ll put Vegas out of it early and win the series in 4-6 games. I really don’t see it going 7 games. The Jets will probably win the Cup, and Canada is going to go crazy.

Photo: Sports Net

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