Celtics Friday

By: Colleen B
Posted: May 18, 2018

Happy Friday! I’m going to cover 3 topics for today’s Celtics Friday:

  1. Series Overview
  2. Scary Terry
  3. Twitter/Media

1) If you read my article last Monday, linked here, then you’d know that I broke down my prediction to include 2 home wins for the Celtics to start the series 2-0, and I was right. However, this Saturday the Celtics play on the road, and I can’t say they’ll do so well. Quick recap:

I guarantee a victory for every home game (1,2,5) and The C’s will pull out one victory on the road (3,4 OR 6). I’ll be SHOCKED if we have to play a game 7…Don’t be discouraged if the Celtics do lose games 3 & 4.”

2) Scary Terry: We’ve all heard it, and we all use it, but what are its origins and significance? This topic sparked my interest this week as my boyfriend bought me a Scary Terry themed tee shirt from Barstool. My shirt has Terry wearing a his Patriots Drew Bledsoe jersey, a mask, his basketball sneakers, and a shooting sleeve. My boyfriend also bought himself one, where Terry is sprinkling red, white, and blue 76ers themed confetti. Classic.

Upon a little research into the depths of the internet that I didn’t know existed, I found out Scary Terry derived his name from a cartoon character that appeared in an episode of Rick and Morty. He is a parody character of Freddy Krueger. If you search “Scary Terry nickname origin” you’ll probably find that Barstool’s Coley Mick takes credit for coining the phrase, but just like any popular nickname, Boston sports fans nurtured this one to grow to the relevance it has today.

3) On Monday, I promised I would share some interesting Tweets and any media that I found. Being a sports writer who is young, on social media, and in the geographic location of the team I am writing about, I like to highlight some good, underrated Tweets:

@DrewBledsoe “Uh oh! @T_Rozzay3 on the loose!! #scaryTerry”

@DanteOnDeck quoted a video of a dumpster floating down a flooded road and said “JR Smith getting some light cardio in today”

@VEKC18 “I never want to hear someone say Al Horford isn’t an All Star again”

@NinaLeeCarmo (me) tweeted a list of Celtics players who score more than LeBron James in game 1 and @JTCarpenter tweeted @ me, “You forgot Kevin Love”, which is not only true but hilarious

@Jack_Michael17 “The cavs traded Kyrie Irving for the 8th pick and 4 players that got them 3 points total tonight”

@joey_demello16 “When you come home after a long day and there’s no food in the fridge” with this picture of Marcus Morris yelling at Tristan Thompson from Sports Gossip:

Cover image via Celtics Twitter.

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