Eastern Conference Finals (2-2)

By: Colleen B
Posted: May 22, 2018

I read the words “missed dunks and missed opportunities” on ESPN to describe Celtics’ game play last night against the Cavs and I couldn’t agree more. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown both missed two big opportunity slams, which had my dad yelling at the TV about how we need to stick to just getting the ball into the hoop. Al Horford missed one of those big opportunity dunks as well but had a foul called on him to spare him from the shame.

Speaking of fouls, a lot of people really think that the officiating of this game was unfair. The game was officiated by Scott Foster, Bill Kennedy and Eric Lewis. Some Celtics fans may remember Scott Foster’s name as one that gets tossed around in NBA officiating conspiracy theories, but that stuff kind of makes me roll my eyes and I don’t want to write about it, so being the nice person I am, I found a NESN article to explain all that treason here.

The Celtics will play Game 5 against the Cavs tomorrow night at 8:30pm in Boston with a home court advantage. If the Celtics win, they’ll lead the series 3-2 and either overcome the Cavs on the road in Game 6 or back at home in Game 7. We really just need to win tomorrow.

Where can we find hope? Our Father, Hallowed be thy name: Brad Stevens. During the post-game press-conference, he told ESPN that he would be reminding his team that “It’s the best two out of three to go to the NBA Finals.” and that it “Doesn’t get better than that.” The way he describes the Celtics’ effort and the toughness of the game really amplifies his dad persona. He said, “Ultimately, anybody that didn’t think this was going to be tough- I mean, everything is tough. In this deal, it’s a blast to have to grit your teeth, get up off the mat and go after it again. That’s part of it.” Don’t get me wrong, obviously he is taking this very seriously, but I can’t help but hear a glimpse of a little league dad who’s telling his kid to get back out there. So sweet, thanks Dad. 

Image via Celtics Twitter.

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