Stanley Cup Finals: Vegas, Down On Their Luck?

By: Colleen B
Posted: June 5, 2018

Four games into the Stanley Cup Finals and things are not looking goof for the Golden Vegas Knights. There was a lot of talk going into the series about both teams, but more so about the Vegas Golden Knights and the fact that they are just the second team in NHL history to have a chance at the cup in their inaugural season. When they won game one, the talk intensified. When they lost game two? Well, the talk continued, it was only one game, after all. After game three’s loss, though? Yeah…that’s when it  started to fade. Fans…bandwagon. You know the deal. I personally have held on because it’s not like the VGK are playing horribly. It’s just that Ovechkin really wants this. Washington, who until this year has not made it past the second round in the Ovechkin era, really wants this. Vegas really wants this, too, but…ok, I fibbed, the Golden Vegas Knight’s game is horrible. They can’t score because they can’t find opportunities to score. Every attempt to kick-start their offense in the last two games have been met with a hungry Washington defense. What’s the difference between this series and previous rounds? Did Vegas’ luck run out? No. It was never about luck. They’re a strong team. But the fact of the matter is Washington is stronger and that is making every. bit. of. difference. Here are three things to note from last night’s game four:

Washington dominated the first period

The first goal came halfway through the first period. Two more goals followed before intermission. The NHL’s twitter account said it perfectly re: the mood in Washington after that period:

Vegas just could not score. They tried, they really tried, but…nothing.

Vegas found some momentum in the second period, but…

Vegas came out strong in the second period, clearly looking to make it a point that they were not just going to hand this game to Washington. For half of the period, Vegas was playing the right cards (see what I did there, see?!). But when the failed to get past Washington goalie Braden Holtby during not one but two power plays as well as subsequent other attempts? Yeah, I think we all knew how this game was going to end. 4-0 at the end of the period.

Vegas never gave up

Like the second period, Vegas came out strong and managed to get two goals, one from Neal and a second from Smith. Unfortunately, those two goals were met with two more goals from Washington. Not to sound like a broken record, but Vegas had chance after chance after chance to score. They just couldn’t get past Holtby.

6-2 was the final. Game five is Thursday night. It’s looking good for Washington. But the series will be back in Vegas. So…consider me still on the VGK bandwagon.

Image Source: SBNation

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