Offseason Roundup: Ottawa Senators

By: Sports Are From Venus
Posted: June 13, 2018

As the offseason charges on, i’ve decided to try doing some offseason roundup articles. These will include anything major happening on the team in which I highlight. To start off, i’ve decided to highlight the Ottawa Senators.

The Sens have had a pretty disastrous offseason. The organizations management system is not very good and Sens fans are not happy. To say the least, they want a change.

To go along with the teams management, the Sens don’t have much cap space to sign their biggest free agent, Erik Karlsson. Karlsson made it known months back that he would not be taking a “hometown discount.” With the free agent defenseman ready to make 8+ million a year, it doesn’t seem that the Sens can re-sign him.

The team is trying to trade him because they know they can’t sign him. Theres been talks that he could possibly head out west to the Vegas Golden Knights. This is very possible considering the Knights have 20+ million in cap space.

While Karlsson’s days in Ottawa are numbered, it seems that things continue to get harder for him there. Karlsson and his wife, Melinda, lost their unborn son Axel Michael earlier in the season and they were devastated. But what’s going on now?

Melinda Karlsson has filed a restraining order against Mike Hoffman’s fiancee for harassment/bullying. Monika Caryk, Hoffman’s fiancee, is accursed of harassing the Karlsson’s since November of 2017.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Melinda Karlsson made these statements about Caryk:

“Monika Caryk has uttered numerous statements wishing my unborn child dead,” says Melinda Karlsson’s sworn statement to the court.

“She also uttered that she wished I was dead and that someone should ‘take out’ my husband’s legs to ‘end his career.’

“Monika Caryk has posted over 1,000 negative and derogatory statements about me as a professional.”

Apparently team officials and Hoffman himself knew about the harassment allegations for weeks. Hoffman and Caryk have denied all the allegations made against them saying that there’s no place for cyberbullying.

So, while Karlsson will most likely be shipping out of Ottawa, now another star on the team, Mike Hoffman may be leaving as well.

Things seem to be turning into a dumpster fire in Ottawa, we’ll see how it pans out throughout the rest of the offseason but it’s not looking too good.

Photo: (Sporting News)

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