The Fenway Experience

By: Colleen B
Posted: June 21, 2018

When you Google “Fenway Park”, you get the following:

“Fenway Park is a baseball park located in Boston, Massachusetts near Kenmore Square. Since 1912, it has been the home for the Boston Red Sox, the city’s American League baseball team, and since 1953, its only Major League Baseball franchise.”

When you step off the dirty, grimy MBTA green-line and into the streets of Boston, you experience something totally different than the clean description.

In my experience, the air around Fenway park always has the aroma of beef franks being cooked by vendors on the sidewalk. It’s always busy and crowded, as tourists mix with locals on the sidewalks. There are hagglers selling tickets to the game going on that day, and their “Red Sox tickets here!” calls mix with street artists playing the guitar or drumming on empty buckets with drumsticks. Famous visuals include the historic Citgo sign, the “Green Monster”, and the trek over the overpass above 93 to get the the park.

Boston is an extremely socially-conscious, safe place, and Fenway is no exception. Purses must be searched, and metal objects and wallets must be visible as fans walk through the metal detectors into the stadium. Once inside, the aromas, crowdedness, and noise compress into a compact version of what goes on in the streets outside. Once seated, the vendors are just as entertaining as the game itself. Favorites include Fenway Franks, beer, cotton candy, cracker jacks and peanuts.

This year, I went to the Red Sox vs the Orioles on Saturday, April 14th, and the Red Sox won 10-3. My friends Ashley, Alex and I are going to Fenway on July 13th to see the Blue Jays. The last time I saw the Blue Jays play was in 2006 at Yankee Stadium, and let me tell you that Fenway is WAY better.

What has your Fenway Experience been like?

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