Robert Williams III

By: Colleen B
Posted: July 10, 2018

Hello my basketball and Celtics enthusiasts!

I’m going to be covering a Celtics topic today. To read more, scroll to the paragraphs below. To listen to my quick rant about feedback from my last post- read here:

1)I am aware that the picture I used as the featured image was old, and that a few of those free agents had already been signed at the time of publication of my article. The POINT in using an “old” (not even that old…it had only been on the web for, like, 72 hours?) was to show an example of some of the media floating around and to highlight the importance that the NBA holds to the free agency process.

2)I LOVE your opinions, guys, I really do. However, receiving LONG paragraphs in my DM’s doesn’t help Sports Are From Venus. All you have to do to comment on the site is leave your name, email address, and comment. It’ll be easier to have dialog there!

Celtics Topic: Robert Williams III

The Boston Celtics drafted forward Robert Williams III with the 27th overall pick. With his combination of size and athleticism, RW3 (you heard that nickname here first, folks) seemed to be the perfect pick for Boston. However, in his debut summer league game, Williams was taken out by a knee injury. He later told reporters that he got hit (more like bumped) in the same area that his knee had tendonitis, and he was taken out as a precaution.

I don’t think this injury will be long-term, but the Celtics definitely value RW3 and will be extremely cautious when it comes to playing him in the summer league, as the stakes are low and they’ll want him at 100% for the regular season.

I’m looking forward to seeing RW3 blend with the Celtics’ flow.He is extremely bouncy and has been known for catching rebounds high in the air- which is exactly what the Celtics need. I’m sure we were all getting sick and tired of watching Terry Rozier III wait for the ball to come to him…sorry Terry, but you’re not 6’9. Overall, RW3 is just extremely athletic and swift, and I’m excited to see his confidence blossom with this team.

How do you feel about RW3?

Image via Celtics Wire on USA Today.

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