The Game Plan: What To Watch This Week

By: Colleen B
Posted: July 17, 2018

There still isn’t a whole lot to watch this week, folks. But that’s ok because it’s summer. And like I said last time, NFL training camp is just around the corner. That means…yes, another season of HBO’s Hard Knocks is on the way! This season the show is following the Cleveland Browns so…that is going to be interesting! But what about now? Well, the WNBA of course! And baseball. And….hmmm….I can’t help but feel like I’m forgetting something…what am I forgetting?


Yes, the 26th Annual ESPYS are happening this Wednesday, July 18th at 8pm EST on ABC.

The ESPYS are ESPN’s annual award show and this year’s host? Danica Patrick! Even better about Patrick hosting is the fact that she will be making history as the first female host in ESPY history! There is no doubt that we’ll be watching. In fact, we’ll be live tweeting the show! Be sure to follow us @sportsfromvenus .

Image source: The Orange County Register

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