End of Week Round-up

By: Colleen B
Posted: July 27, 2018

Oh hey, happy Friday SAFV readers! I hope you’re planning a fun filled weekend! It’s super hot and humid here on the east, so I plan on doing nothing but sitting in a pool of ice.

You’re welcome for that visual 🙂

Before we head into the weekend, let’s talk about what has been happening here and there, shall we?

I have to start with a story out of a small town in Vermont, one brought to my attention by our pop culture writer, Whitney. The U.S. Olympics Committee is, well, bullying a high school in Bradford Vermont. Specifically, the U.S. Olympic Committee is insisting that Oxbow High School change the name of it’s mascot, Olympian.

Yes, you read that right. And ok, fine. The U.S. Olympics Committee holds the trademark rights to the word “olympian.” But really? Do they have nothing better to do than going after a tiny high school in rural Vermont? I mean, shouldn’t the committee be focused on improving their reputation after the way they handled the Larry Lasser scandal?

Needless to say, Whitney and I are not the only ones who think this attack is petty and pathetic. Jack Fitzsimmons, a sports reporter from Burlington, VT., had one of the best responses to the situation:


The sad thing is that no, the high school was not going to make money off of their mascot’s name. But it will cost them money to rename their mascot. Decals in their gym, letterhead, etc. Considering how little funding schools get these days, all I have to say is…really, U.S. Olympics Committee? Really?

What do you think? Is the U.S. Olympics Committee out of line?

Oh, I Have Some News!

Ever wondered why I started a business? I was recently a guest on Liz Theresa’s podcast, Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa. Liz is an online marketer and web designer/developer who helps women launch and build online businesses they love. The goal of Liz on Biz is to inspire budding entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in transition to feel more equipped, less fearful, and more confident moving forward in their lives and businesses. In my episode with Liz, I got to share my story. The episode will be available on Monday!

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