Buzz Bulletin: Lebron’s Hometown Legacy

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: August 1, 2018

You can take Lebron out of Ohio, but you can’t take Ohio out of Lebron.

This week, Lebron James announced the opening of a new public elementary school for Akron’s at-risk children. Really, his I Promise School is much more than that.

The school will feature longer days, a non-traditional yearly schedule, and a heightened focus on student support outside the hours of learning. Akron’s school district report card is currently a grim sight, and the I Promise School could meet a major need in the community.

Kudos to Lebron for giving back to his hometown.

The Mets Keep Being The Mets

You guys, the Mets are just so bad this year.

They’re approaching historic levels of lousy playing. Even their fans, a group that’s historically familiar with failure, are so blown away by the Mets’ current level of suckitude that they’re starting to take drastic measures.

This season’s mess came to a head on Tuesday when the Mets endured their worst loss in franchise history: a 25-4 massacre at the hands of the staggeringly mediocre Washington Nationals (whose win percentage is exactly .500 at time of publishing).

Not even the Mets broadcasters, who were paid to watch the game, had the strength to do so.

Twitter, of course, had jokes.

Even the Mets had to chime in.

It’s worth noting that despite the abysmal year the Mets are having, the trade deadline passed just hours before last night’s thrashing without management making any notable moves.

Draymond Vs. Tristan

The feud between Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson has been reignited.

Rumors have swirled for two weeks about a fight between two big-name players at an ESPYs afterparty hosted by Lebron James, and the story is finally out in the open.

According to sources, the issue was related to the conflict between the two during and following the NBA finals (where Tristan shoved a ball at Green, who later told the media he would “meet [Thompson] in the streets”). Allegedly, Green approached Thompson and attempted to apologize. Tristan wasn’t having it, and after initially dismissing Green, TT made contact with Dray’s face.

Tristan Thompson, as some of you may recall, is the worst.

Media credit: NBA TV, Giphy

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