Game Plan: What To Watch This Week

By: Colleen B
Posted: August 7, 2018

Things are starting to pick up as the NFL is officially in preseason mode. In fact, tonight at 10pm EST is the premier of Hard Knocks. This year the show follows the…wait for it…the Cleveland Browns.


I’ll be watching…

Oh and don’t forget, the first preseason games will be played Thursday night!

If you’re looking for something off the field, may I suggest E’s Very Cavallari? Very Cavallari stars, yes, Kristin Cavallari but those who have already been watching know that Jay Cutler, Cavallari’s husband, has been taking center stage in, well, every episode.

File this one under: Can’t stop watching though I really want to!

Non-NFL related? Check out the WNBA schedule and try to catch a game. Really, you won’t regret it!


Image source: USA Today

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