Why aren’t you watching the WNBA?

By: Colleen B
Posted: August 9, 2018

I came across this WNBA article titled, “Why aren’t you watching the WNBA?” recently. It’s a great article that asks a great question, why aren’t you watching the WNBA? You really should be! Admittedly, this is only my second season keeping up with the league but even with that said, this season is by far my favorite of the two. It’s my favorite for all of the same reasons stated in that article—Sylvia Fowles, Diana Taurasi, Brittney Griner,  DeWanna Bonner, and Breanna Stewart, to name a few. They all make the WNBA a lot of fun to watch. They’re competitve ans they’re beyond talented. I’m a bit saddened by the fact that we’re coming close to the end of the regular season. Someday the league will play a longer season. For now, let’s talk about the Seattle Storm, the leagues current top team, shall we?

Seattle Storm

The Seattle Storm: the first team to clinch a playoff berth so far this season. This alone is worth a huge celebration given the fact that the team barely made the playoffs and were eliminated in the opening round last season. What changed this year? For starters, head coach Dan Hughes. Hughes, who is known as “the most experienced coach in WNBA history,” came out of retirement specifically to turn this team around. And turn it around he did!

Hughes’ success is a result of the simple fact that he took the time to learn about his team, his team that is made up of star players which Breanna Stewart, Jewell Loyd, Natasha Howard, Sue Bird and many other amazing players. Hughes coached to his team’s strengths as opposed to making the team conform to his ways.

I believe that is called respect? Yes.

So, what are those strengths? Well, a month ago I told you that they were the best offensive team in the league. But it’s important to realize that they are defensively strong as well, thanks to their speed.  Ok, so defensively, they’re allowing an average of 80 points per game. Not the greatest. However, they’re forcing rebound after rebound after rebound and those fast-paced rebounds are giving their star players plenty of scoring opportunities to keep pace with those 80 points.

In addition to their skills, they’re hungry. Hungry for a winning season AND the title.

Case in point:


So tell me, why aren’t you watching the WNBA?

Image Source: AP

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