Buzz Bulletin: MLB Players Weekend

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: August 22, 2018

The uniforms worn during MLB Players Weekend are a gift to major league baseball fans everywhere, and this season’s crop is no exception.

For the second year in a row, players have been given the opportunity to let their personalities shine by sporting the name of their choosing on the backs of their jerseys (which will be modeled after colorful, youth-inspired gear).

Here are a few of my favorites.

Chris Sale – The Conductor

According to, the Red Sox ace pointed beat reporter Ian Browne in the direction of Dustin Pedroia to find the root of his nickname. In the words of Pedroia: “What does a conductor do? They punch tickets.”

Trevor Williams – Project

This is a super creative use of the weekend’s jersey flexibility. Williams will be sporting “Project” above his number 34 in a cleverly placed promotion of the charity organization he runs. Project 34 supports individuals coping with debilitating spinal cord injuries as a tribute to Williams’ former Arizona State University teammate Cory Hahn, who was paralyzed from the chest down after a headfirst slide into second base went awry.

Joey Votto – In Flanders Field

Remember this one from high school history class? “In Flanders Field” is a haunting poem written by Canadien Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae during World War One. Votto hasn’t discussed the reason behind his choice, but we wouldn’t expect any less from the man considered by many to be one of the more interesting players in the game. Maybe next year’s jersey will reflect Votto’s post-baseball goal: to become a school bus driver.

Randy Rosario – Pelo Fino

This literally translates to “fine hair.” Which is hilarious, but also accurate.

Steve Cishek – Speedpass

Remember the Mobile Speedpass? Steve Cishek does. Cishek’s high school job as a gas station attendant in Falmouth, Massachusetts left the right-hander with a sweet nickname; one he’ll be wearing on his back next weekend.

Carlos Carrasco: Cookie

Once, Carlos Carrasco was spotted by a teammate eating a cookie. You just never know when a nickname will be born.

Didi Gregorius: The Knight

Fun fact: Back home in his native country of the Netherlands, Didi Gregorius is an actual knight. In lieu of a cash prize, the entire Dutch national championship team, including the Yankees shortstop, gained knighthood in the Order of Orange-Nassau. “I’m happy to say it out loud every day,” said Gregorius.

David Freese: Davehuman

David Freese has a dog named Bob. Freese also has a friend named Bob, who has a dog named Dave. When the group gets together, Freese goes by Davehuman, while his pupper is known as Bobdog. This is the second year in a row Freese has used this hilarious moniker, and I hope he never stops.

Brad Boxberger

This one needs to be seen in order to truly be appreciated.


Anyway, this is the first time a major league player has used an emoji on his jersey. 2018 is just full of surprises.

Got a favorite that I didn’t mention? Discuss in the comments!


Media credit:, Twitter

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