Buzz Bulletin: Just Do It.

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: September 6, 2018

Unless you’ve been hiding under a virtual rock, you’ve heard about Nike’s new Just Do It campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick and the whirlwind of drama it’s stirred up. (Check out Tom’s excellent take on the issue here.)

Nike’s association with Kaepernick has caused a furor within the demographic who take offense to the silent protest that’s earned him both widespread respect and notoriety. To express their outrage, many furious armchair politicians are calling for a boycott of Nike, with some going as far as to destroy Nike items they’ve already purchased in an ill-advised plan to express their disapproval.

Please enjoy these highlights from Twitter as much as I did:

This, however, is still the best take:

The kicker: the ad will air during NBC’s NFL season opener.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Apparently, the keepers of the Stanley Cup aren’t too thrilled with the treatment the trophy has received while in the care of the Washington Capitals.

As you may recall, Alex Ovechkin and the Caps have taken the cup on a wild ride since winning the NHL championship back in June. It didn’t take Ovi long to master the art of the Stanley Cup keg stand, and it caught on quickly among his teammates; Ovi and goalie Braden Holtby even hoisted Jimmy Fallon up to sip from the Cup during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

However, it’s looking increasingly likely that the new tradition will both live and die with the Capitals.

“We’re trying to preserve the history of the Stanley Cup,” said caretaker Philip Pritchard. The Cup restoration team will further assess the Cup’s integrity and future rules relating to it when the trophy is returned to their care.

More Highlights This Week:

Meet the Angels’ new AA affiliate: Rocket City Trash Pandas. Seriously.

The Orioles are doing a cool thing.

Serena is still rocking her tutus and I’m here for it.

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