NBA Offseason Moves: Washington Wizards

By: Colleen B
Posted: September 10, 2018

The Washington Wizards are in a weird place. One of the more well known teams in the Eastern Conference, the Wizards have been…stale the last few seasons. Season over season, they haven’t improved. But they also haven’t gotten worse. They’re just…there. So what does a team do when they’re stale? Shake things up? Exactly! Or try to, at least. The problem with the Wizards is that no one seems confident that the changes they made this off season will work. And unfortunately, no one seems confident that the changes won’t hurt the team, either.


Here’s the thing, the Wizards made a few moves, two of them being acquiring Austin Rivers in a trade with LA and Dwight Howard in free agency.  In regards to Austin Rivers, the Wizards are certainly going to get a lot from the Rivers, the son of Doc Rivers who traded his son to the Wizards in exchange for Marcin Gortat. Ok, so the decision to trade his own son was not Doc’s alone, but…yes, Rivers was traded away by his father. But according to Kara Lawson, the Wizards are getting a good backcourt player who can play both point and shooting guard.

Now, the fact that they were able to grab Dwight Howard? Ok, I know a lot of people think Howard is overrated. I agree that he’s not the Howard of seasons past, but he still has game left in him. In fact, he played 80+ games last season. Assuming he can stay healthy again this season, Howard is going to be a fantastic rebounder for the team especially when you consider that he’s going to be playing with John Wall. Yes, Wall missed half of last season due to a knee injury and also had a few off-court issues that frustrated the ever-passionate point guard, but Wall is the type of guy who will play with a chip on his shoulder if he has something to prove and this season, he has something to prove.

What do you think? Do the Wizards stand a chance at getting past the first round of the playoffs this season?


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