Daddy’s Always Happy

By: Colleen B
Posted: September 13, 2018

Back in December on Christmas last year, I wrote a Gordon Hayward Update #2 article where I reminded you about Gordon Hayward’s season-ending dislocated left ankle and a fractured tibia in the Celtic’s season opener. I revealed Gordon’s hilarious blogwhere he writes about fatherhood and Fortnite, and of course gives us injury updates.  His article titles get progressively more optimistic, from January to now: The Rehab Grind in January, The Long Road Back in April,  Believer in May, and  Won’t Be Long Nowwhich he wrote most recently in June.

The biggest difficult in his recovery process was with the hardware in his ankle. He wrote that the doctors had uncertainty about the pain levels because only Hayward would be able to understand how the hardware was affecting his body, and it was eventually determined that the plates and screws were causing the pain he felt. He did some tests with his doctor in Indianapolis and discovered that with some numbing in his ankle, it was actually stronger than the healthy ankle, which meant that the pain (from the hardware) was holding him back.

On a conference call with his doctor and some doctors and staff in Boston, everyone collectively decided that the hardware needed to be removed for there to be progress. In his words, Gordon now basically has a “normal ankle”. There are/were some holes in the bone where the screws were, but those should heal up. This recovery is going to be much quicker than the original surgery, and Gordon still plans on coming back to the court for the beginning of the season.

He’s been in the news recently as his teammates are really hyping him up AND he was ranked 25 in SI’s top NBA players, despite his injury. Gordon also revealed in August that it would be “awesome” if fans chanted “Daddy’s always happy” at TD Garden. You heard the man.

Image via Gordon’s Blog via Sports Illustrated.

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