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By: Colleen B
Posted: October 17, 2018

Last night the Celtics trumped the 76ers with a 105-87 win at the Garden. Joel Embiid did his best with 23 points, followed by Ben Simmons with 19 and JJ Redick with 16. For the Celtics, Jayson Tatum matched Embiid with 23 points, followed by Marcus Morris with 16 and Jaylen Brown with 12.

Unfortunately, I had to watch the Live Twitter score updates and listen to the second half of the game on the radio as I was in class and driving home. I longingly stared at TD Garden as I drove past and bothered people for updates via text.

Today I got to watch the highlights, and I wasn’t surprised by the great use of the Celtics’ bench. The Celtics had 9 players with 20 minutes or more each, 1 with 4 minutes, and 2 with one minute of play. The 76ers used 9 players for 10 minutes or more each and 2 with a minute of play. While I wasn’t even able to watch, the numbers speak for steady and strategic rotation. The Celtics had more players with more time, while the 76ers had less players with less time.

For a person who wasn’t able to watch this game, a few stats made me question how we won. Can we address how Kyrie Irving was scoreless in the first half 0-for-8 on shooting- 0-for-5 from 3? I’m already hearing conspiracies about how it was because of his headband. Secondly, the amount of times I heard the name “Jayson Tatum” and “euro step” in the same sentence was too frequent for a highlight reel.

For those of you who couldn’t watch it live (it was probably just me- every Boston Celtics fan watches the opening game live), the Celtics have a loaded next few days, so you can catch-up. They play at 8pm against the Raptors on Friday (10/19), 7:30pm against the Knicks on Saturday (10/20), and 7:30pm against the Magic on Monday (10/22).

Also, Gucci Mane was there last night. That’s important.

Image via Bleacher Report.

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