Buzz Bulletin: What a Time To Be Alive

By: Whitney Carroll McKinnon
Posted: October 18, 2018

Autumn is, without a doubt, the best time to be a sports fan.

On any given day, we can turn on the TV and watch hockey, football, basketball, or baseball. It’s like shark week for sports fans, and we love it.

Nobody is enjoying themselves more than those of us in New England. Our greatest burden this week was being forced to switch back and forth between watching both the Red Sox and the Patriots win in dramatic fashion on Sunday night.

Let’s look at a pop culture highlight from each one of these sports, just because we can.

Damn, It Feels Good To Be a Sox Fan

We’ve mentioned once or twice just how good this team is, but the Sox just manage to keep being excellent at a ridiculous pace.

In an ALCS that’s been more contentious than the 3-1 series score would indicate, last night’s Game 4 was the most drama-filled of all.

In a play that’s being called the most controversial of the entire playoffs so far, a fan interference issue resulted in an Astros home run being overturned. Unhappy Houston fans feel that there was no interference, and they might have a case.

See the play for yourself here.

Though Astros nation is still reeling from the call, this is the play that Sox fans can’t stop talking about.


Something tells me that clip is never going to get old.

Tyreek Hill Gets Soaked

Speaking of fan interference, the Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill had a less than pleasant interaction with one Pats fan on Sunday night.

The beer-throwing fan has been banned for life from Gillette Stadium, and Hill apparently plans to press charges.

Was it nice to throw a beer in Tyreek Hill’s face? No.

But, it’s also not nice to beat and strangle your pregnant girlfriend, which is what Hill pled guilty to doing back in 2014. Just saying.

Let’s take a moment to enjoy an old clip of Brady’s reaction to getting a beer tossed in his direction.


The Warriors Get Some Bling

Please admire these Very Extra championship rings just unveiled by the  Golden State Warriors.


Gritty Continues To Slay

This actually happened last week, but I can’t stop thinking about it. When Gritty becomes my Patronus someday, this is the version he will take.


Image credit: CBS Sports

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