MLB Update: NLCS Recap

By: Thomas Capo
Posted: October 23, 2018

NLCS- Milwaukee Brewers (96-67) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (92- 71)

Los Angeles wins series 4-3

This might be the team that we all expected to represent the National League in the World Series, but somehow, it’s just different. The big bankroll didn’t deliver the regular season juggernaut that we were expecting. The Dodgers had periods this season when they looked destined for disappointment, losing thirty of their first fifty-six games to start the season. Or, barely breaking even in August. But here they are, stumbles and all, back in the World Series. The Brewers were an interesting team this year, relying on a tremendously deep bullpen, timely hitting, and a bit of magic, while the Dodgers were built for this deep run, hitting more home runs, and owning the best ERA in the National League. So, it’s something of a surprise that the Brewers, Christian Yelich, magic and all, took these
Dodgers to the brink.

Or is it?

What if I told you that the Brewers sent Clayton Kershaw to the dugout after only nine outs in game one? Or that they had brushed him up for four runs in that time. What if I told you that the Brewers hit for better average, hit more home runs, more doubles and had more hits overall than their heavily favored opponents? What if I told you that despite the lack of a clear ace, the Brewers were the best pitching unit in the either of the league championships? They had the lowest ERA and WHIP of all four remaining teams and they struck out the most batters. The Brewers were the better team all year if we’re counting wins and losses, and statistically, they were also better in the NLCS.

But no one, yours truly included, thought that they could beat the Dodgers.

And we were right.

Postseason baseball can be odd.

Image Source: USA Today

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