Can the Celtics Win Tonight?

By: Colleen B
Posted: October 25, 2018

The Boston Celtics play the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight, Thursday, October 25th at 8pm. The Thunder are 0-3 and 15th in the Western Conference. The Celtics are technically 9th in the Eastern Conference with a 2-2 record, although the Magic, Hawks, Heat, and Nets are also 2-2.

Celtics fans are starting to worry. I’ve heard ridiculous claims and arguments: Is the Celtics offense broke? Why aren’t they scoring? Why does Kyrie suck? Do they have depth? What is Brad doing? Where is the rotation?

Can the Celtics win tonight? Yes.

Will the Celtics win tonight? Absolutely.

The Celtics are struggling with rotation, which everyone kind of knew was going to happen. Once they can solidify Jaylen Brown as the 6th man, and the entire team gets in a better rhythm, they’ll be the best team in the East. Offensively, they continue to miss layups and simple jumpers. Once the shooters can get in a rhythm, and free wheeling offense stops, Celtics offense can get back to basic and score points early in the game to seal wins. Defensively, they’re allowing baseline drives, which means easy points for their opponents. Baynes is doing well as a big, but facing teams like the Magic who are loaded with bigs is always going to be tough.

Remember: the Celtics may be off to a slow start, but last year, they started the season 2-2 in their first four games as well.

We need to put a little less pressure on Gordon Hayward, who is coming back from his injury and multiple surgeries. He needs some time to “find his legs”.

This game tonight should be easy. Top teams have to win the easy games. The Celtics are a top team.

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