Celtics’ Twitter Reactions to the World Series

By: Colleen B
Posted: October 30, 2018

Many people have asked me if I am going to write about the Red Sox winning the World Series. The truth is no, I’m not. I don’t know enough about baseball, and I admit that I was asking my boyfriend to explain an ERA to me (again) during the game on Sunday.

I was just as excited as any other Boston sports fan! The thrill that comes with adding another championship banner to Boston’s already enormous collection is irreplaceable. I decided to show you what some of my favorite Celtics had to say about the win:

Jayson Tatum @jaytatum0

“@mookiebetts my guy!! Congrats bro!!”

Jaylen Brown @FCHWPO

“LETS GOOOO @RedSox!!!!!!” with some fire emojis and the hashtag #DoDamage

Al Horford @Al_Horford

“Champs!!!!!!! Congrats @RedSox dominated all year and did it in postseason as well/ All about the team!!!”

Gordon Hayward @gordonhayward

“Hats off to the @RedSox! #WorldSeriesChamps #DamageDone”

Kyrie hasn’t tweeted since August & Terry Rozier is busy retweeting the literal hundreds of fan pics of people dressing up as him for Halloween.

What were your favorite Red Sox Tweets?

Image via Gordon Hayward’s Twitter.

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